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Home Sales

Affordable homes for working families

Home Repairs

Affordable repairs for homeowners in need

We build new homes and renovate existing ones. Qualified homebuyers purchase them at cost with low- or no-interest mortgages. Buyers contribute "sweat equity" hours during the construction of their homes.

We repair houses that are unsafe or inadequate. Qualified homeowners pay for the repairs at cost with 0% interest on terms they can afford. Homeowners contribute "sweat equity" hours to our organization.

We Want to Hear From You
and help make a difference for hundreds of others

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Are you or someone you know struggling to find affordable housing?  Are you spending too much of your income on a place to live? Do you live in unsafe or overcrowded conditions? If so, we want to hear from you.

We'll share the information with local government leaders and civic organizations so they're better informed of the realities so many of us face when trying to find decent, affordable housing in the Tri-lakes.

We'll always respect your privacy and never share your personal information.